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“Jaydene brings a warmth, enthusiasm, and conviction to what’s possible for me to lead life fully engaged. Her sense of humor and insight help clarify my leadership style. She is a great guide and source of ideas for charting the course to whatever is next on the horizon.”


Jaydene is deeply trained in numerous mental and physical techniques and modalities that center on a simple notion: changing the body changes how we live.

Jadene's approach integrates Neurobiology and Embodied Cognition to help clients improve peak performance and achieve optimum Flow states. She helps individuals strategize and directly pursue their best and fulfilled lives. When it comes to teams, she can help them negotiate diverse and even difficult personalities in order to get into and stay in Flow.

Jaydene is CTI certified in Co-Active Coaching and specializes in helping you to transform challenges or apparent obstacles into possibilities. Co-Active Coaching is a conversation about your values, goals, priorities or dreams. Clarity and focus come from that conversation, and from there we can harmonize what you want with actions and attitudes that will get you there.

Jaydene has a diverse background and a balanced left brain-right brain approach. This allows her to understand people, and develop multi-dimensional customized solutions for each client’s individual interests and situation. Her experience ranges from corporate environments to community groups, and private individuals. Her style is to listen, clarify, collaborate, empower, inspire, and celebrate with you.



Something For Everyone

Understanding the energetics of relationships goes beyond reading body language, it’s about how we show up with people, and the attitudes and habits we bring to the table.

Like anything else this involves developing a set of skills. We work with 5 basic patterns of communication and can identify our patterned responses to each one.

You can change your stance and intent when encountering these patterns, resulting in improved conversations, more open exchanges, and more effective business, family and social interactions.

“Do you just know everything about me? You’re always spot on. I have done a lot of introspection and consciousness development through the decades. In the time we have worked together I have grown so much from our work. Thank you for your deep wisdom and compassion. You are a gifted teacher.”


Jaydene is about the convergence of the art and science of balanced living through the integration of Eastern and Western mind and body philosophies, and modern communications media. Through diverse approaches that include breathing, music, movement, hobbies and your immediate environment Jaydene wants to help you anchor yourself in positive change. She understands the challenges that face professionals, athletes, parents, leaders and those pursuing spiritual and alternative paths to self-improvement and life management.

Jaydene has a strong interest in the science behind associating thoughts and feelings with the physical state of the body in order to evoke the best possible transformation and lasting results. The work is thorough and can impact all areas of life. She can provide comprehensive assessments of body, mind and life factors that can be connected to areas of concern in the body.

Changing Perspectives and Vantage Points on Life

I always thought weight lifting, cardio and stretching were all you needed. I didn’t realize balancing the body and its movement patterns was a “thing”, or that it would have such transformative effects. I’m hooked.

Help people connect the dots to see the experiences and relationships in their life as patterns — which are opportunities full of positive potential for personal transformation.

Understand the archetypes that motivate their choices, know the aspect of self that engages in the various aspects of their lives in order to:

Step beyond self-imposed limits, keep from repeating patterns, Release mind dramas

See obstacles as Choice Points, or opportunities to exercise personal power and live aligned with yourself rather than living small/playing it safe/letting your saboteur navigate.

See the freedom and empowerment possible when viewed from a different vantage point.

“Life has handed me quite a series of challenges.  I've been in a dark place for quite some time.  Working with you has made such a difference.  I am so grateful for our sessions and look forward to all that's ahead!”

Tailored Physical and Mental Fitness


The body is a wonderful barometer of where we are, where we’ve been, and where we can go. The relationship with the body should be a reciprocal one–we can listen to the body and take appropriate action.

You can make your most clear and impactful decisions by tuning in to the body and recognizing what happens while contemplating certain beliefs, or challenging choices. Attending to the dynamic connections between one's mind and body can yield powerful insights that can bring greater freedom and deeper fulfillment.

Both Western science and medicine, as well as older Eastern philosophies and disciplines recognize that the mind-body connection is not only real but something that can be developed and cultivated. Today your doctor might coach you though a brief breathing exercise in order to get a better baseline reading for your blood pressure. The path from this point to what those who practice yoga, meditation or high-level athletic training is direct and the benefits only increase. It can be hard to follow it alone though, and this is where Jaydene comes in.

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